The Movers and Shakers Project

We live in interesting times.

The world is highly connected offering access to more useful information than ever before, along with breakthroughs in technology for processing, interpreting and sharing this information faster than ever before.

At the same time, there is also uncertainty on a global scale in many areas. Economies are constantly fluctuating with residual fears still lingering from the Great Recession. Unethical and unfair treatment of women and minorities has spawned mass protests and a global movement for bringing about transformative change. Mother Nature continues to shake up climates across the world in ways that are threatening the future of numerous species, ecosystems, and the sustainability of our way of life as we know it. The political landscape is also in chaos as both leaders and citizens become more and more polarized on key issues. The list goes on.

The world is not all doom and gloom, though. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty have been tremendous breakthroughs that are leading to countless advancements in many of these same areas, as well as in our overall quality of life. This includes quantum physics, medicine, technology, and much more! In each case, these extraordinary contributions are being made by ordinary people just like us. Like us, they are also passionate about something they believe in. Like us, they want to bring about change and help to foster a new future where everyone benefits. Like us, they are overcoming tremendous obstacles to get to where they want to be.

These are the Movers and Shakers that this website has been launched to talk about. These are the folks whose stories we’ll be sharing on the Movers and Shaker weekly iHeart radio program. These are the leaders that we’ll be writing about across social media, in our podcasts, audio books, and speaking events.

While we are all aware of leaders like Pope Francis, Bono, and Jimmy Carter, we may not be aware of the people in our own backyard that are also catalysts for positive, transformative change. This includes:

  • Students rallying for gun control,
  • Women championing equal rights and equal pay,
  • Entrepreneurs revitalizing old industrial parks to launch new businesses and create new jobs
  • Children using crowdfunding platforms to fund social causes,
  • Fire fighters launching community programs to address the opioid crisis,
  • Medical professionals championing health care reform
  • Young adults running for political office

The examples are numerous, diverse and promise continued positive breakthroughs in areas that affect us all.

Join us every Saturday for iHeart Radio’s Movers and Shakers that airs from 11:00 to 11:30 AM EST on WGIR AM610 and WQSO FM 96.7. Hear compelling stories from leaders in their own words and learn about what makes them tick. You’ll come away informed, inspired, and entertained!

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