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Unleash the leader in you by discovering what makes great leaders tick as Dr. Deborah Osgood and Jack Heath interview six successful individuals, explore the traits they embody in their stories, and assess how you can tap into these same traits to become a kick-ass leader.

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Jennifer Vaughan

Jennifer Vaughn

August 24st, 2019 11:00 AM iHeart Radio | Joining Jack & Dr. Deborah on Movers & Shakers is Jennifer Vaughn. Not only has Jennifer been a news anchor for WMUR-TV since 1997, she is a journalist, author, and a mother to two. Her work in anchoring and journalism has earned her numerous awards and recognitions including several Emmy nominations, the Red Cross Sword of Hope Award, an Edward R. Murrow Award, Associated Press honors, and multiple NH Association of Broadcasters commendations. This past month she released her fifth novel, Shadow Kid, which tells the true life story of “one man's journey through the shadows of his life, as he searches for forgiveness, fulfillment, and ultimately, peace.”

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