Scott Baker

Aired March 16th, 2019 11:00AM iHeart Radio

Jack and Dr. Deborah are excited to welcome Scott Baker to Movers & Shakers! Scott is the founder of 603 and Me, an all-volunteer advocacy movement aimed at promoting the State of New Hampshire, and the benefits of living in, working in, and enjoying all that the Granite State has to offer. With deep family roots in New Hampshire, Scott moved to the state in 2009 and has since launched launch multiple businesses, including the New Hampshire Trust Council where he served as chairman for seven years and was able to successfully grow trust assets from $100 billion to over $500 billion. It was the success of the Council that inspired him to launch 603 and Me and bring that same growth to the entire state. Now, Scott is calling on is fellow Granite Staters to join the movement and help spread the word of why New Hampshire is a wonderful place to both live and work.

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