Peter Rizzo

Aired October 27th, 2018 11:00AM iHeart Radio

Joining Dr. Deborah and Jack as an inspiring mover & shaker is Peter Rizzo, owner of RizFit Fitness Studio located in Lancaster, NH. In 1999, Peter was involved in an accident while felling trees which left his spinal cord severed and him unable to walk. Inspired Victor Konovalov, the first wheelchair-bound professional body builder, Peter began competing in body building. Over-time he gained a new-found confidence and discovered that as Victor Konovalov inspired him, he could inspire and motivate others. With this discovery, he founded RizFit on the idea that no obstacle is too big to overcome. As he puts it, “I want to give people the gift I had given to me when I had my injury, which is getting my life back.”

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