Lauri Loewenberg

Aired December 5th, 2020 11:00 am iHeart Radio | Lauri Loewenberg 

Lauri is a Certified Dream Analyst (check out her website Lauri Loewenberg – Dream Expert to the Stars), syndicated columnist, author, popular radio personality, speaker and member of IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, an international organization whose purpose, among other things, is to conduct and encourage research into the nature, function, and significance of dreaming.

She spent much of her childhood keeping a dream journal in order to capture all those wonderfully strange adventures she experienced every night. One night, after she had a dream where her deceased grandfather visited her and gave her a life-changing message, she decided to dedicate herself to finding the answers we all seek within our dreams.  Lauri studied Dream Psychology and became certified as a Dream Analyst in 1996. She has since analyzed and researched over 75,000 dreams from people of all walks of life from all over this planet.  Her dream-working techniques are so easy and ground-breaking that she has been invited on The View, Good Morning America, CNN, The Katie Couric Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Pickler & Ben, Fox Business and is a recurring guest on The Today Show and Dr. Oz.

Lauri is also one of the most requested guests in radio for over 20 years now, has logged over 3,000 interviews including such nationally syndicated radio shows including but not limited to Oprah Radio and Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast”.  She has been featured as an expert source in numerous magazines including Harper’s BazaarThe New Yorker, Esquire, Glamour, Prevention and Cosmo, and has analyzed top celebrities’ dreams for Globe Magazine.

In March of 2011 Lauri released her third book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life (St. Martin’s Press).  She is also a self-taught artist and has a thriving pin-up art business where she paints her clients as a glamorous pin-up girls .

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