Jenn Perry

Jennifer Perry

January 25th, 11:00AM iHeart Radio

Jennifer Perry is the co-founder and President of the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association (LFSA), an advocacy and support group for individuals and families with LFS. As an LFS patient herself and having lost her own mother to breast cancer after an eight year battle, Jenn knows first-hand how difficult the fight against cancer can be. However, she always kept a positive outlook on life. With her mother and her own story as inspiration, she found an avenue in which to make a difference and effect change in an area that has affected not only many members of her family, but so many families around the world. Today LFSA has international chapters in seven countries, providing research, information, and support. Jenn envisions a world someday where her children, grandchildren, and future family, won’t have to live in fear of the disease we know as cancer.

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