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Aired August 29nd, 2020 11:00 AM iHeart Radio | Greyson Winfield, 8 year old from South Carolina, inspired by his role model JFK’s quote – “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country.” – has made it his passion to help others in need; not just during COVID-19 but also those impacted by hurricanes, job loss or disabilities.

Greyson’s Dad, Greg Winfield, whose father was a fireman, became a firefighter himself at age 16 following the family tradition and has also worked at Horry County 911 Communications.  He’s married to his wife Stevie, they live in South Carolina and have 2 sons, Greyson (8) and Garrett (6) as well as being foster parents.  It’s easy to see where Greyson gets his sense of community and giving to others where both his parents give to the community in their roles as firefighters, and his Mom Stevie has donated stem cells.

Greyson, who is in the 4th grade and a home-schooled student, is the founder of Helping Footprint, where he and his brother Garrett are on a mission to help the community.  Greyson leads the way, with collecting gift cards to help those in need of food. Brother Garrett has played a big role in preparing small meals, collecting nonperishables, and creating little snack bags for the children in homes where services are being rendered.  Helping Footprint is funded with Greyson’s allowance and any donations which has included a new lawn mower.

Accomplishments – toys to children at Christmas, $1000 in electric bills, over $2000 in gift cards to the community, lawns mowed for veterans, single moms, differently abled persons and overworked first responders. His goal is to make sure people don’t go without.  His reward and motivation for his generosity is seeing the love and joy people get from his efforts.  The smiles and hugs mean the most for him.

His future aspirations are to follow in the steps of JFK by going to Harvard, joining the Navy, and becoming President.

Feeling inspired?  You can donate to Helping Footprint via PayPal, the Cash app ($HelpingFootprint) or by sending a check to the following address:

P.O. Box 2542, Conway, SC 29526

You can also buy a t-shirt to help Greyson with his cause.

Facebook Link:  Helping Footprint

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