Alicia Preston

Aired January 23rd, 2021 11:00 am iHeart Radio | Alicia Preston (Xanthopoulos) is a lobbyist, columnist and podcast host in New Hampshire.  Her column can be read weekly Sunday’s in Seacoast Media Group publications and her podcast, NewsCycle with Alicia Preston is nationally distributed by Gannett Media.

Alicia began as a radio reporter in New Hampshire and has also worked in newspaper and television as a journalist, focusing on politics and government. In 2004 she joined then Governor Craig Benson as his Communications Director and has subsequently worked on a number political campaigns for Governor, Congress, US Senate and President in several states.  Four years ago, she chose to leave the rigors and uncertainty of campaigns and became a lobbyist, representing clients before the NH Legislature and began her work as a columnist and host of NewsCycle shortly thereafter.

Alicia lives in Hampton with her husband, step-daughter, three crazy poodles and a hamster named Chonk.

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